Get Real Facebook Group

For the past six months, Agency Director, Tracy Gray has been going FB live in the Get Real (Real Information for Models and Actors) Facebook group. There have been 13 hours of free information and discussions including demonstrations created thus far. Giveaways to participants have included free coaching, a social media and marketing consultation, a years subscription to Vogue and Amazon gift cards. The earliest episodes have been added to the Five Star Talent and Production

Untrained Model Casting Call

Tracy Gray is creating a new program to train acting and modeling coaches. For this program she needs untrained model hopefuls to submit and be used as example students. Ages 5 and up my apply to receive a $200 scholarship to the Get Real Modeling on line training program. Submissions are only being accepted for the month of July. If you or someone you know as missed the opportunity to begin their modeling career due to high pressure sale pitches or astronomical fees, this is