• Tracy Gray

We Want to Thank Carolina Fashion Awards

We have been named Talent Management Honoree of the Year in the Carolinas. It's an amazing honor that has been given to our agency, that is the newcomer to the scene. We at Gray know that it's not staff, or even myself, that makes the agency impressive. It's our signed talent.

It's inspiring to daily witness their desire to grow and improve, to be accountable, to be role models for others, and to strive to be outstanding. The compliments our clients return to us following a booking are proof that we are more than pretty faces. The feedback includes words like "Fantastic!" or "Great attitude", "Totally professional" and one of my favorite compliments, "Perfect". It's this standard of excellence that is building the name of Gray Models and Talent, LLC and people are taking notice. Our model, Jordan Mitzel also won Male Model of the Year.

Thank you to Carolina Fashion Awards for making this award possible. Thank you to our signed talent for being consistently impressive. It is an honor and pleasure to have each and every one of you as a part of this flowing river of creativity. So, now we need to get one of these in only 48 more states. Right?

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